Glen Meadows Retirement Community

Understanding the Levels of Senior Services and Care

Presbyterian Senior Living offers comprehensive services and accommodations for seniors, including Independent Living, Affordable Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation, At-Home Services for in-home support, Adult Day Programs, and more. 

But how do you know which type of service or level of care is right for you or your loved one?

To help you understand the best option for your unique situation, the following provides an overview of the range of services offered by Presbyterian Senior Living.

You can view a map of our service locations to help identify those which should be considered for your particular needs.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent Living combines privacy and freedom with the convenience of a secure and maintenance-free environment. From designing and renovating your home or apartment to determining your involvement in community services and events, the variety of choices we offer lets you live your life your way.

When our Independent Living residents need additional assistance with such things as personal shopping, seasonal cleaning, packing for a trip, or personal care, At-Home Services provides the assistance they need. This includes everyday tasks that may be difficult or unsafe for the person to do alone such as taking a bath or rearranging cabinets. Arranged for and provided by Presbyterian Senior Living staff, At-Home Services fosters good health and helps to keep residents living independently with the extra time to pursue the things they enjoy

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What is Affordable Senior Housing?

Affordable Senior Housing is a senior community designed to provide affordable rental living. Income limits apply.

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What Is Assisted Living?

Our Assisted Living services emphasize privacy and choice, while providing a supportive environment for those who need extra help with the activities of daily living. Maintaining wellness, vitality, dignity and purpose is critical to our Assisted Living residents and their families. We’re proud to be known for our loving approach, socially stimulating activities and the right combination of personalized support services and care.

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What Is Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation?

You may need to consider skilled nursing care following an illness or hospitalization or if you have significant decline in activities of daily living. We provide 24-hour skilled nursing care and special services for seniors needing inpatient rehabilitation, care for people with Alzheimer’s Disease or other form of memory impairment, respite services, hospice care, and short- and long-term skilled nursing care. Our skilled nursing services focus on making the most of every day in a warm and caring environment that helps residents retain dignity and quality of life at all times.

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What Are Adult Day Services?

Presbyterian Senior Living brings almost 20 years of experience to programs that are specifically designed to meet the varying needs of older adults who wish to remain independent and for the families caring for them at home. We provide days that are full of friendship, laughter and good food in a safe and secure setting. Families appreciate our on-site services, which include a beauty shop, private showers, podiatry services, and rehabilitation.

While Day Program participants are enjoying their day with us, their families go through their day without worry. And our Saturday hours provide additional support for those who need extra time to attend to shopping and other errands.

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